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Bloated smartphone explodes, catches fire in shopkeeper’s hands in Madhya Pradesh

The worker was chatting with the customer while working on the mobile. Suddenly, a blast occurred when the phone undergoes a checkup. The very next moment, flames start to come out from the device. The shopkeeper, to save himself, drops the phone on the counter and then throws the mobile out of the shop using his bare hands.

Which phone was it that exploded in the hands of the shopkeeper or which brand, for that matter, is still unknown at the moment.

In an interview, the shopkeeper says no harm was caused to him or the shop by this incident and then advised his customers to get their phones checked if they witnessed any kind of swelling in their phones.

“As I was trying to repair the phone, the battery exploded. I did not suffer any loss as I threw it out the moment it happened. As soon as you notice any bloating in your phone, please get it checked at a shop so that what happened with me may not happen to you,” said Bunty, the shop owner.

This won’t be the first time we saw a report of smartphone battery blasts, there have been several such reposts in the past.

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